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But only the exclusive few who get the rare opportunity to drive this award winning vehicle, truly knows what the Tesla S Model is all about. It performs with the agility and responsiveness of a true sports car and glides with the luxurious ease of a Rolls-Royce. What also makes the Tesla the most ideal luxury car for vacation rental, is that it's as spacious an SUV and more fuel efficient than a Toyota Prius.

Tesla has been making headlines as the most revolutionary luxury vehicle in the world and now you can find out why by renting the exotic 2013 S-Model right here in Los Angeles. This rare, sleek beauty is regarded for its groundbreaking electric technology and always turns heads in the enviro-friendly celebrity culture of Los Angeles.

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Go to laexoticsllc.com to book your Tesla S rental today, or visit laexoticsllc.com/tesla.html for more in depth information about the vehicle! We accommodate all our clients needs at the most affordable prices in the greater Los Angeles area! Airport pick up and drop off, hotel delivery within a reasonable distance of our offices is all done for free! Tesla S is the future and you owe it to yourself to know what future holds in store for you!

Wat That Luang Neua used to be the residence of the Supreme Spiritual Guide of Buddhism in Laos. The temple is surrounded by a high bastion built in the 19th century to protect the temple against foreign invaders. Each part of the monument is different in terms of its architecture, which embodies the basic doctrines of Buddhism.

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The National Museum is another interesting attraction which contains valuable works of art, but the most expensive exhibit is a copy of a small statue of Buddha. The original Buddha was made of gold and weighed 50 kg. The statue was made in Ceylon in the first century AD. Now it is kept in a bank for security purposes as one of the holiest relics of Buddhism. Other famous destinations of the country include the Royal Monastery Wat Thong Kseng, which is called a 'golden city of temples' and is located on the banks of the Mekong. The Royal Monastery looks like a town, and its main pagoda is richly decorated with gilded carving.

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